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December News 2013
Dato: 16-12-2013
Kilde: Jan Eriksen

Dear Customers.

Dannozzle has just returned from a visit with IRF (Inter-Communal Utility Company) on the Faroe Islands. Dannozzle conducted the following nozzle course from the 19th to the 21st of november 2013.

  • Analysis and review of nozzles, well washing systems, pumps, hoses and accessories.
  • Practical demonstration and work with nozzles, pumps, hoses and accessories.
  • Review and analysis of work procedures.
  • Review and analysis of methods, safety and responsible use of jetting equipment.

After the course had finished, I was heading home from Klaksvik. In the car Faroese radio was running, with Faorese speaking hosts and suddenly the driver breaked hard and told, in Danish, that 3 sperm whales had swam into a fjord and that it was 70 years ago that sperm whales had last been seen on the Faroe Islands. This was clearly something that had to be experienced, see film here.

I did make my flight back to Copenhagen!

We were later informed that two of the sperm whales had died. The aftermath of that can be seen here.

Sperm whales weigh approximately 40 tons, can reach an age of 180 years and a length of 20m.

We give our thanks for an unforgettable experience with 9 very independant Faroese.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kind Regards

Jan Eriksen







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