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Equipment for utilities 2013
Dato: 01-11-2013
Kilde: Jan Eriksen

Dear Customers.

Again this year Dannozzle vil be present at the Danish Wastewater Technology Association's day course in Kolding, Exhibition stand 23.

This year we will be presenting our equipment in the fields of:

-  One way flaps for intermediate and oceanic outlets.

-  Dannozzle High-Pressure Pumps.
-  Material testing, eg. pipes.

-  Fat Nozzle for cold water.
-  Well Wasjing Systems.
-  Power Pipe Cleaner for pipes up to 3 meter in diameter.

-  StikVibRotors.
-  Jetting nozzles.
-  Hose-Nozzle-Packagesr.

The equipment presented to the utilities companies can be seen and read about here here (Danish).

We look forward to meeting you all again.

Kind regards

Jan Eriksen



Mobile Well Washing System operating with Billund Vand.

Jetting truck operators monitor for the 3 to 5 minutes the cleaning takes.





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