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October Jetting 2013
Dato: 01-10-2013
Kilde: Jan Eriksen

Dear Customers.

We have just had our second visit at our department at Danfoss Nordborg, Als and at the the Danfoss pump factory, where the Dannozzle High-Pressure Pumps are produced.

Our customer was Operations Manager for Water and Wastewater Jan Jøørgensen from SK Forsyning (Slagese).

Quote Jan Jørgensen, SK Forsyning A/S:

”It was a very interesting visit at Dannozzle's department at Danfoss Nordborg, with tour of the production facility for high-pressure pumps. ”

Dannozzle's High-Pressure Pump program can be seen on our homepage, here.

Kind regards

Jan Eriksen





Jan Eriksen: jan@dannozzle.dk
Stig Christensen: stig@dannozzle.dk




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